Year of the Worker

by d.o.n.

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This is the latest musical offering from d.o.n. called Year of the Worker. Enjoy.


released November 12, 2014

Year of the Worker.
Prospek of GPNYC
Pete MAC of M.A.C. Productions/Zone Gang Ent
KidInfamous of Master Beaterz
Chris Greene
Strategy of Primal on Vinyl
Mr. Kuba
Brother Seamus of Galactic Bretheren/Private Pile
The Custodian of Records
Dubla of Dubla Music/Inner Recess Studios
S.Habib of GPNYC
All songs recorded at Works-N-Progress Studios NOLA
except for Searching, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Glenn 'Strategy' Winter at Primal on Vinyl Studios NOLA
All songs mixed and mastered by Aaron Thornton at Inner Recess Studios NOLA except for Marching, mixed and mastered by Jonathan 'Prospek' Bailey at New Fidelity Studios Cincinnati OH.
Front Cover photo by Robbie Waterman
Back Cover photo by Don C. Purvis



all rights reserved
Track Name: This Is The Year
This is the age of the
Analog animal resistance renaissance
Synopsis noxious preeminence
Calloused grip mechanics
Hammer/Sickle sans socialism
Nothing transcendental
Just the same coarse clutch sinking shovels in

These are the times of the
Solemn stone grimace antithesis of idyllic
Im hardened by the experience
Youre frozen mannerisms
of pantomimic frivolity grinning with whimsy
in an unwitting mannequin stance
of face-melt fragility

I saw it in the form of
One whiplash glimpse at transient oblivion
And traveling companions clinging to the fringes shivered me
As long as that glimmer of gripping gains
Kindled a smoldering flicker within me
I'll just abide in that humility

And Im a student of the trill academia
Sheer brittle brilliance
Shrill bristle exo-sheild mesozoic megalith
Top heavy, cumbersome and lumbering
More resilient than wicker stick figures not privy to the tipping point

But never fall, imma
Play the low stoic most slated for the laborious
Lore, the sordid fables of a pauper called favored
They applaud the retarded, the raucous are rewarded
I try to thwart the void and the ploys of the dark hearted

But kept plodding til my slot
Hop from nominal to moderately phenominal
An anomaly who functions anonymous
Called commoner, who stalk among the nondescripts
Demolishing what the pompous would propagate as an accomplishment
And trod on top of it

And kept stomping til the
Hallowed pleas of hired men volume rises to hollering
Counter and contradict the false depictions of a life of ease
Soured countenance from grievous groans
Woes of a thousand men under a vow to make you head the howls of the hireling

Maybe you'll nod
But this offering wasn't offered for the 'Yes' men
No comfort vested in company policy
Even if followed to the letter
You've already sweat and stressed for the sake of that check
So never let work determine your personal worth
They'll work you to death!

This is the year of the...
Track Name: Marching
Marching through the arduous
Dawn to dark we plant and harvest in the harsh conditions
When you're intimate with loss
And know exhaustion yet keep plowing cuz you know the cost of quitting
No matter what your cause or who you are
Move forward.
Track Name: Hangman
You are not a fraction of latch key
Patterned a plasticine snatch crease, lackey
In the bullmastiff craft, you bask in a lap dog's mastery
Lamp adamant at manic blab tangent
Rabid rabbinacle rad, unabashed magma
Last laugh cackling, the partisans are clamoring
Cradle cap trap rap apparatus
Fashioned from the scraps of a trash heap
Malodorous gas drip, catch draft gasping, gagging
Tamper with a pandemic atrophy dapping disaster
Better have hazmat or chloroform wet naps handy
Your calculated death dance, hangman latitude is that of which
Alejandro Sosa had appropriated moniker of 'hassa' facsimile
Black fist bangs harder than Afghan hash-hish
Herb Alpert of halberdiers, javelin trajectory
On point, like Cadillac seats, where the Mack be
Banshee bonanza, nose candy tantrum advancing
And armed with anguish
Sambo antithesis of antebellum, not Amos and Andy
But the adamant ax of Nat's rebellion that felled em
A rank and file classified flier flank of the rank and foul
Some are dense as a cloud of dank and loud
Narcotic dollies catatonic from drank and molly
Death rattle rant trance enamored is the standard
Even when I brag ramble random
Results are staggering
Track Name: Cold
Track Name: Dig
Just dig...DIG!
Track Name: Us
Who are a youth maligned?
Who are the true savages?
Where is the imaginary line the sand and have we crossed that barrier by way of threats feigned where the presumed danger seems apparent, though he meant no malice

We kill us
They kill us
Some still carry on like please kill us x2
Track Name: Searching feat Strategy
We all need to be searching.
Track Name: Faithful
Don't be fooled by the lulls in the doom
When the wool being pulled over our collective eyes
Is from wolves costumed in the same sheep coats
From the poached ewes exhumed from years of a ruse

Dont be duped
Dont be stupid
Dont be moved
Dont mope
Be lucid
Dont be foolish
Dont be jaded
Dont believe the hype
Just be faithful x2
Track Name: Gentleman
It's all about Jesus.
Track Name: Fade
Cold just came in with these Regan era phrases, said arrangements never refrain, they are ageless, word to my grays, outside the diameter of my elaborate array, is everything fugazi and viewed with a gaze of disdain, and as I fall back to assess, I've noticed you throw a decadent shade in succession to your detriment, I can't fade
I cant fade.
Track Name: Traffic Stop
Big Dawg Daddy Hawg:
You neva gon geddit like ME
You neva gon geddit like ME
You neva gon geddit like ME
You neva gon geddit like ME
Im ridin filthy, lookin clean
Ridin filthy, lookin clean
Ridin filthy, lookin clean
Im ridin filthy, lookin clean

I never wanna get like you, I want what He has for me
I never wanna get like you, I want what He has for me
I aint got no name, and no boasts to claim
And I hate this job, but when I get home and I say my prayers
And I lay my head, I'm at peace and can you say the same?
Track Name: Knock Off
Wooooo Lawdy!
Knock em out the box, don!
Track Name: On My Way
Im on my way, Im on my way
And where I'll go, I dont know, only God can say
Im on my way, Im on my way
And where I'll go, I dont know, only God can say
Cuz only God can save.
Track Name: In These Times (This is the Year reprise)
Quiet as kept
Mind your steps
Times are strange
Live as a wretch
Snicker in jest
Time don't play
Glance at the clock
Minutes to midnight like
How'd it get this late?
We livin in these times
Track Name: Hot City feat S.Habib
It keeps calling...